Emotional Sourcing



Charlotte Kindgren

I`m Charlotte, I started as a Social worker in the 90´s and then decided to study sexology and psychotherapy so now I´m also a Clinical Sexologist and a licenced Psychotherapist but most of all I see myself as a Meditation Teacher specialized in emotions.

The Emotional Sourcing teqnique is my teqnique that I´ve developed togehter with my clients since 2008, I´ve asked them where they can feel there emotions in the body in every session I´ve had since then. So in over 25000 sessions I´ve collected information on how and where the emotions feel in the body and also how and where the resistances feel. The exploration togehter with my clients and my own exploration in my own meditation practice and also very much my own children have given me lots of information on the emotional map of the body. I claim to know how the emotons feel as well as how the resistances feel. Lately I´ve started being more explicit about this knowledge to help people find them faster, earlier I let my clients explore by them selves to find out where they are placed but as it is so confusing to know the difference between the emotions and the resistance I know poit them out and ask people to try me out and please let me know if I´m wrong. It takes too long to let people meditate on their chest for years without release and it will cost them so much money and suffering.

I meditate together with all of my clients in almost every session and I´ve designed two Meditation Apps that are on AppStore and Google Play

I have my own practice in Stockholm and in Dalarna in Sweden and I also do Video Therapy on Zoom.

Email me for any questions, feedback or to book a session:


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