Emotional Sourcing




Ok, so Anxiety is not an emotion, its the resistance of one or several emotions. It´s a terrible condition that so many people in the world are suffering from. It´s such an uncomfortable state to feel shortness in breath or even to feel suffocated or strangled.

As the anxiiety is just the symtoms from the resistance you can stop the suffering by feeling the emotion you are resisting and the anxiety will go away, most often within a minute or so but sometimes it takes longer practice and you might have to repeat the meditation on the emotion you shut down to teach your unconsious resistanse in the body that it is no longer necessary to resist the emotions as you have learned it is so much nicer to feel the original emotions than anxiety


Start with a meditation on the fear area (see more about fear on the Fear page) in the lower part of the belly, down at the pelvic bone. When you can feel the enrgy down there you will release the anxiety in 90% of the cases, if not you might have to also meditate on the shame area ( see more about shame on the Shama page), in the upper belly right under the solar plexus


You can have anxiety by shutting down other emotions too but then at least fear and sometimea salso shame will be involved like you are afraid of feeling the emotion or ashamed of the emotion


So the best way to handel Anxielty, BREATHE DOWN TO THE LOWER BELLY AND THOROGHLY EXAMINE HOW IT FEELS DOWN THERE, not what you imagine down there, no images but how it feels, how the energy feels, is it tingeling sensation? Is it a heaviness?

Be still and accept the fear, worry, nervessness dowb in the lower belly and you automatically will stay away from your head and the anxiety will release