Emotional Sourcing



Most people that I´ve asked feel their fear in the chest area but that is actually not the fear they are sensing, it´s the resistance that we create to shut down the fear at it´s source, the lower belly. We do that by shortening the breath with a faster more shallow breathing and that is what we then can feel in the chest. This can be the beginning of anxiety, to feel the fear as a tingeling in the chest, it may never develop into an anxiety, it can stay just like that throughout life, that you feel the fear in the chest. But if you go to the source of the fear, in the lower part of the belly, down at the pelvic bone, you can breathe again. If you do not resist the fear but are curious on how it feels without the resistance and if you accept that sensations in the lower belly, you will start to heal old fear as well as new fear.

Why would I want to feel fear?? Because you only have two choices, you eiter feel it and then you can truly accept it and it will release, or you will resist it and it will stay in way way or another, the fear will stay as a blocked energy in the lower part of the stomach and the resisting will get you sooner or later, often we tense up to resist fear and that tension will be hard on the body in the long run. Blocking up fear for a long time creates a stressed body and different symtoms can start to show. We know that stress is not good for you and this is really how you create stress inside your bodily system, by resisting emotions. We have fear every day of or lives. We cannot function without fear, it´s an energy in the body that warns us when we perceive danger in any form. Yhe more we block fear it will build up to be more end more easily arised and pain, autoimmune diseases and so on will catch up on us. So try out how lifw feels if you don´t resist your fears but start to notice them at their source in the body, the lower belly.